Business model

We have now, based on our years’ working experience in helping the Danish small- and medium-sized companies to sell their products and services to the Chinese marked, developed our own business model, i.e., by clustering the Danish companies into specific Danish consortia to make specific technical solutions, and with the assistance of our network in China to sell the solutions to the projects that we have develped together with our Chinese partner companies and the local municipalities.

The following shows how the business model works


We first start in China to identify the local challenges and problems and then make project proposals for our Chinese partners. After signing intial agreement with the partners, we organize our consortia to make Danish solutions for the projects.


Process design and key component production will be kept in Denmark. Heavy components and accesories will be from the local suppliers. Equipment product can be assembled in our partners' workshops in China.


If necessary, we modify the solutions according to the requirements of our partners in order to best fit the projects. We will then help our consortium companies to sign project contracts with our Chinese partners.


We will be responsible for equipment delivery, assembl-ing, installation, commission-ing and after sale service in China. We will follow up the whole execution of the project contract, including payment transfer.

The initial idea of the business model was started in 2017, when we tried to sell individual equipment products made by an Danish company to the biogas projects in China. It was found that the quality of the equipment installations in the up-stream and the down-stream, such pumps, mixers, gas cleaning equipment as well as the process design and the automation control system in the biogas project processes, were too far away from matching the high quality of the Danish-made product. Under such conditions, the advantages of any single Danish-made product can not be brought into full play. 

We have also encountered the following challenges that the small- and medium-sized Danish companies may face in market in China:

1) Lack of after sale service                        2) Asymmetrical partnership                        3) Incomplete supplying chain

4) Different business culture                     5) Uncertain IPR protection                           6) Costly freight & customs

Our business model is designed to overcome such challenges.

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