About Us

Sino-DIP is a platform dedicated to setting up cooperations between the Danish companies and the Chinese companies in the industry sectors of renewable energy, district heating, environment and water, agricultrure, and etc. We organize the Danish companies into different consortia and help them make specific solutions based on the demand of the specific projects in China. We also offer to our consortia companies professional and customized information based on their individual needs: from general market entry inquiry, to specific regulatory compliance advisory, to potential partner identification, and to partnership establishment in both Denmark and China.


What distinguish us from the others are the facts that we know both the Danish society and the Chinese society, and that we not only provide with consulting services, but also initiate and participate projects. We know the strengths of our partner companies in our focusing sectors and their demands in the Chinese market. 


We have the expertise and the patience to solve the challenges that should occur in cooperation establishment. We are confident because we study on our cumulated experiences, and keep on analyzing the latest policies and trends of the Chinese market.


1. Strategic advisory for market entry

2. Market study and strategic business plan

3. Trademarks and intellectual properties registration

4. Partner identification and partnership establishment 

5. Company establishment and registration

6. Investment and financing partnership establishment

7. Project initiation and implementation

8. Production and after sale service in China



We provide services for the Danish companies to develop their businesses in China. We will make ourselves the most reliable, convenient, and effective platform for the Danish companies to step on and develop in the Chinese market. We regard it as our responsibility to let our clients having no difficulties in doing business in China.


We would see that, with our participation, our Danish clients can make their roots, grow and harvest their fruits in the Chinese market. We would see that, by our efforts, the Danish export to China can be promoted, and as a result, the Chinese industries of energy, environment and agriculture can be improved faster.



We respect the spirit of contract and regard loyalty to and responsibility for our clients as the life of our platform, and therefore we will keep high quality in providing service to our clients. We believe that, to make successful business for our clients, keeping an open, dedicated, and problem-solving oriented attitude is essential.


Jingquan Lu



Board members and expert

Preben Jensen

Vice chairman


Svend Bisgaard Kristensen

Biomass for heating


Lars Ravn Nilsen

Biomass pretreatment


Dines Juhl Barsøe

Sensor technology


Thorvald Pedersen

Biogas CHP or upgrading


Henrik Rask

Digitalization of water


Tom P Jensen

Bio-slurry heat exchanger


Erik Fløjgaard Kristensen

Biomass and energy


Mogens Slot Knudsen

Biomass briquetting


Shiliang Ma

Environment and biotechnology


Poul Ejnar Rusmusen

Biogas plant design