The Midtnet Kina Programme

The Midtnet Kina programme is funded by the Regional Development Fund of the European Union, the Danish Business Committee, and the Danish Midtjylland Region. The purpose of MidtNet China programme is to strengthen the competitiveness of Mid-Jutland (and West Denmark) companies in the Chinese market by supporting and accelerating the development of innovative products and solutions that are based on identified needs and market conditions in China.


Through these innovative products and solutions, the intention is that the companies will eventually be able to exploit their full export potential on the Chinese market. MidtNet China will initiate innovation collaborations based on the specific commercial interests of Mid-Jutland (West Denmark) SMEs in the Chinese market. Based on the specific customer needs and market conditions that the individual company faces in relation to introducing its product or solution on the Chinese market, the programme will assist the company in developing an innovation collaboration and a tailored course of activities that ensures the development of a commercial product that has every opportunity to be competitive in the Chinese market. The target group for MidtNet China is mid-Jutland SMEs that have a strong commercial interest in the Chinese market, a growth potential in this market and preferably initial experience with/knowledge of China.


Under this programme, together with Danish Agro-Bushiness Park and Aarhus Unversity, coordinated two Danish companies, Alcon A/S and Teldust A/S, and made a customized solution based on the specific demand of the market in the Northeast of China, where maize straw can be utilized for heating.