Nopef China

Nopef China Programme

The objective of the Nordic Project Fund (Nopef), which is financed through an annual budget from the Nordic Council of Ministers and managed by Nefco – the Nordic Green Bank, is to facilitate the scale-up of Nordic green solutions on global markets. Nordic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-cap companies can apply for grant funding for their internationalisation projects aimed at markets outside the EU/EFTA.


Grants provided by Nopef can cover costs for feasibility studies and other preparatory business activities. Supported projects shall contribute to direct or indirect positive impact on the environment or climate, and have a Nordic interest through job creation, export opportunities, technology transfer and the promotion of Nordic values.


To gether with ARTOGIS, we have been working with the Chinese water utilities such as Shenyang Water, Fushun Water Supply Group, Beijing Drainage, Yantai Drainage, Liaocheng Water, and the environmental company Guangdong Xinhuan Environment, and have made customized solutions based on the specific conditions of the different cities in China.