Technology innovation in Denmark for adaption to the Chinese Market


Sino-Danish Industry Platform has been under the financial support from the Midtnet Kina Program to make the technology innovation and adaption to meet the demand in the Chinese market. Partners of the project are Sino-Danish Industry Platform, Alcon A/S, Teldust A/S and Aarhus University. We have investigated the requirements by the Chinese legislation on safety and environmental emissions, and the charasteristics of the straw biomass and so on. Alcon A/S has modified and improved its straw boiler products, and tested together with university. After integration with the flue gas filter developed by Teldust, the boiler-filter system can have an energy efficiency as high as 88%, and a low dust emission as low as 3 mg/m3. Besides, we have also developed devices for straw bale drying, feeding and ash collection in a dedicated boiler house according to the local conditions in Northeast China. Now the project alliance is looking for a Chinese partner company, which can bring the product to the Chinese market. For further information, please go to the page Midtnet 中国项目.

Biogas plant for treatment of agricultural wastes in Shenyang in the Northeast of China


The village of Fangjinjiu, which is located in the west of Shenyang in the Northeast of China, is famous for its greenhouse vegetable production. In an area of about 10 km2, there are about 4,200 green houses. It is estimated that the vegetable residue production in the peak season is at least 1000 tons per day. For the time being, the waste is damped in the landfill. Sino-Danish Industry Platform has, together with its Chinese partners initiated a biogas project to co-digest such waste together with the manure generated  in the animal farms nearby for biogas and organic fertilizer production.

Our Danish partner, Renew Energy A/S, has made an initial calculation and basic process diagram for the biogas project. We are now inviting Chinese local investor companies to participate this project. Equipment such pumps, mixers, heat exchangers and CHP units will all be provided by the Danish manufacturing companies through Renew Energy A/S.

Anaerobic digestion of sewage sluge in Zhong-shan in the South of China


Sino-Danish Industry Platform has, together with Beijing Schoneland Environment Technology Co. Ltd. and Zhongshan Municipal Drainage Co., Ltd., evaluated the anaerobic digestion process in the Sludge Treatment Centre, the City of Zhongshan, in Guangdong Province.


The sludge treatment centre treats approximately 200 tons of sewage sludge (20% dry matter content) from four wastewater treatment plants of the city. It has been found that the right temperature of the digesters is not ensured. The design temperature is 35oC, but the actual temperature is 29oC. This is caused by the fact that heating for the influent sludge is by simple method. Steam from the biogas-fired boiler heats the sludge in a concrete tank, where there is no sensor or control device being used. Besides, most of the equipment installations do not work in a proper way.


We have, based on the Danish know-how prepared a technical proposal to improve the process performance. 

Co-digestion of food waste and sewage sludge in Anshan in the Northeast of China


Together with our Chinese partner company, Beijing Enterprise Water Group, Sino-Danish Industry Platform has initiated a large biogas project in the City of Anshan in China. In this project, about 200 tons of food waste from the resaurants and about 300 tons of sewage sludge (20% dry matter content) from 7 wastewater treatment plants will be collected and treated for biogas production. The total investment of the project is 240 million CNY (1 CNY appr. 1 DKK). The Danish knowledge center, SEGES, has been invited as the process designer of the project, and has completed the preliminary design.


In the preliminary design, the Danish biogas relevant companies, among others NISSEN energy a/s, Landia A/S and Westcome Heat Exchanger A/S, have been recommended as the equipment suppliers of the project.

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