Chinese Partners

Since  2018, even during the Covid-19 pandemic period, we have visited to, and had both on-line or off-line technical workshops, seminars and meetings with more than 40 Chinese partners in 22 cities from the north to the south of China, in the renewable energy, environment and water sectors.

Especially in the water sector, we visited and had in-depth comunications with the most influential water companies and the utilities in the most developed areas in China. We also received visits from China. We shared with the Danish experiences and the achievements gained in digital and smart control of non-revenual water, safty of supply and energy-saving in drink water sector, and low-carbon and energy-neutral operation of wastewater treatment. We have helped 5 wastewater treatment plants making screening report for upgrading, where huge potential of energy- and chemical savings are found.

We have set up tangible partnerships with some of the Chinese water companies and utilities. It is our common goal to use the Danish technology to upgrade their drinking water supply systems, their drainage systems, and the wastewater treatment plants.

Beijing Capital

Beijing Capital Ecological Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. is a listed company. It services a population of more than 80 million in more than 100 cities in 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across China.

The company operates 99 drinking water plants with a total capacity of 11.12 million m3/day, a total water supply pipeline network of 18,834 kilometers. The company operates 579 wastewater treatment plants with a total capacity of 14.54 million m3/day, and a toal drainage pipework of 6,830 km. 

We started communications with Beijing Capital by the U-S-E Water project since 2020. We have conducted several rounds of visits to the company and have had technical workshops, seminars and webinars, together with the Danish companies. Beijing Capital insists on green development for the water sector. We have jointly made a sceening report for their Dongba WWTP in Beijing by the U-S-E Water project, which has shown great potential in reduction of energy and chemical consumption. Our next step cooperation will focus on digitalization and intelligent operation for low-carbon and carbon-neutral WWTPs.

Guangxi Beitou

Guangxi Beitou Environment Protection & Water Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned company owned by Guangxi Beibu Gulf Investment Co., Ltd. The business scope of the company includes project investment, construction, asset operation of drinking water works and wastewater treatment plants in the cities in Guangxi. It has 16 water works with a total capacity of 1,326,500 million m3/day, 12 wastewater treatment plants with a total capacity of 968,000 m3 /day.

We got the partnership with Guangxi Beitou from Tongji University and Grundfos Shanghai. We have been, together with Tongji University, Grundfos and the other Danish companies, seeking demonstration project opportunities with the company. We have conducted an on-site study for its Hepu WWTP, where the WWTP is facing challenges of low COD and high nitrogen in the influent of the WWTP. The inital screening results and our on-site study have shown that the electricity consumption can be reduced by 33%, and the existing dosage of external carbon of 188 tons/year can be eliminated, the dosage of chemical of can be reduced by 46%, and even the operation of the existing 6 denitrification filter tanks can be stopped. This will save the space, operation and maintenance cost. In total, about 1.7 million DKK of operation cost and about 1,340 tons of CO2 can be saved, respectively, per year.

We will organize the Danish companies to participate the upgrading of Hepu WWTP, for which high-quality equipment, knowledge of PLC programming, and operation experiences are demanded.

Yantai Drainage

Yantai Urban Drainage Service Center is a utility state-owned by the Municipality of Yantai in Shandong Province, responsible for planning, construction monitoring, maintenance of the drainage facilities, for construction and operation of wastewater treatment and reclaimation facilities, and for urban flood prevention, etc.

One of the largest wastewater treatment and reclamaination facilities of Yantai Drainage is Taoziwan WWTP, which has a treatment capacity of 350,000 m3/d. The plant has been continuously using the advanced Danish wastewater treatment technologies from Danfoss, AVK, DHI and EWA Sensors.

A screening report made by the Danish company, Lobster, shows that the plant has large potential to make an energy-neutral WWTP by using more Danish technologies to improve the process performance, especially the anaerobic digesters for sludge treatment for more biogas production.

Furthermore, there is significant potential for collaboration with Yantai Drainage to enhance the whole drainage system in Yantai. By leveraging the Danish digital management software platform, we can implement intelligent management solutions for various components such as pump stations and water basins in the city. This approach can not only facilitates energy conservation but also effectively mitigates urban flooding risks.

Liaocheng Water

Liaocheng Water is the utility of the Municapility of Liaocheng in Shandong Province, responsible for drinking water supply, wastewater treatment and reclaimed water reuse. The group currently has drinking water works, drinking waster supply pipelines of more than 500 kilometers, a daily water supply capacity of 130,000 m3. Liaocheng Water has 2 wastewater treatment plants, with a treatment capacity of 150,000 m3/day and 100,000 m3/d, respectively.

We have helped Liaocheng Water made a screening study for one of their WWTPs. The study shows great potential to reduce electicity consumption, external carbon dosage, and chemical dosage, by transitions to accurate areation from continuous to intermintent areation and to enhanced biological phosphorus removal, respectively. In total, about 5.8 million DKK of operation cost and about 4,200 tons of CO2 can be saved, respectively, per year. In addition to upgrading WWTP, our cooperation with Liaocheng Water includes also digital and smart control of the drinking water supply in order to reduce energy consumption and non-revenual water, and to increase the safety of water supply.

Guangdong Xinhuan

Guangdong Xinhuan Environment Protection Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a private company, which has an annual revenue of more than 500 million DKK. Beside of its main business of equipment production and sales, the company has invested and constructed, and are operating 7 wastewater treatment plants, the total treatment capacity of which is 400,000 m3/day. 

We started to have communications with Guangdong Xinhuan in the sector of wastewater treatment in 2021. We have conduced two technical workshops with Guangdong Xinhuan, and have conducted an on-site visit to one of their WWTPs in the City of Yangjiang in Guangdong Province, for which about 28% of electity and 82% chemical for P removal and 1,580 tons of CO2 can be saved per year, corresponding about 2 million DKK of savings per year, according to the screening report we have made together with them. In June 2023, the board chairman conducted a successful visit to Denmark. It is our plan to organize the Danish companies to upgrade their WWTPs.

Besides, it is Guangdong Xinhuan's expection to have in-depth cooperations with the Danish companies, to use its equipment production facility and its sales network in China to cooperate with the Danish companies as local partner or agent.

Wuhan Water

Wuhan Water Group is a large water utility owned by the Municipality of Wuhan, the acapital city of Hubei Province. The company has 12 drinking water plants, a water supply pipeline network of 17,726 kilometers, and 24 large-scale boosting pump stations. The water supply capacity is 4.9 million m3/day, serving a population of approximately 9.63 million people. The company has 10 wastewater treatment plants with a total treatment capacity of 3.31 million m3/day, 645 kilometers of sewage collection pipes, and 70 lifting pumping stations.

In September 2023, we, together with the Danish Export Association, the Trade Council in Beijing, and the Danish companies visited and had a technical workshop with Wuhan Water. The future cooperation with Wuhan Water focus on:

  • Smart mangement and operation of drinking water supply pump stations
  • Underground wastewater treatment plant equipment
  • Upgrade the wastewater treatment plant for energy-neutrality

Beijing Drainage

Beijing Drainage Group is affiliated to the Beijing Municipal Government. The company is now running a 10,000km drainage pipe network, 97 rainwater and sewage pumping stations, 4.5 million m3/day sewage treatment and recycling faciligies, and 6,128 tons/day sludge disposal facilities.

Beijing Drainage has in-depth cooperation with Denmark. In 2022, in the Copenhagen-Beijing inter-city cooperation project, the Danish partners provided for upgrading its Gaobeidian WWTP 14 proposals, of which 7 simple ones have been implemented. Due to the epidemic, these 7 upgrades were implemented by Beijing Drainage alone, without the participation of Danish suppliers. Next, we need to improve the business cooperation model and continue to cooperate with Beijing Drainage to complete the upgrade of the remaining 7 proposals that are more complicated but also have more significant effects.

In April 2023, together with the Trade Council and Danish Export Association, we organized the Danish companies and visited Beijing Drainage. We  visited their Gaobeidian WWTP and held a technical workshop there. Beijing Drainage is very interested in cooperating with specific Danish technology companies to achieve low-carbon operations at Gaobeidian WWTP and has currently purchased and installed a set of N2O monitoring instruments from one of the participating Danish company, Unisense Environment A/S.